You want to experiment your new product on the market without spending too much time and concentrate your efforts on your core business ?

NUMERITRADE has been thought for you:

We propose our services for your success:

  • our team of business development experts,
  • our team of salesmen on 3 continents,
  • our website for all the products we hold,
  • our team of specialists, designers and infographists in our offices in Lyon an Cherbourg – France.

Give us information about yourself, our product and your ambition, our tem will call you back to analyse your needs in order to propose you a turn key project:

  • Market analysis
  • Conception assistance
  • Innovation management (project management, pilot of consortium, administrative help, realization,  reporting to partners, brands and patents, looking for partners in Spain, Germany, Belgium or Canada,
  • Marketing creation (logo, brochures, website, references, exhibitions, booth, mapping,…),
  • Product launching,
  • Sales distribution.