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Pack HTC Vive + Augmented Reality Animation

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We offer an augmented reality solution for the industry sector Our multidisciplinary team brings together know-how in the field of imaging, 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality and serious games. All these 3D digital media are involved in the design, presentation and validation phases of a project and for staff training. The digital tools proposed by our team promote understanding and ownership of a project during all phases of life by promoting a strong and constructive collaborative approach.

  • Augmented reality allows you to integrate all types of virtual visualizations in a real environment.

Product Description

HYLIAD Distribution develops virtual reality simulation and animation software, using digital media as the main tool. For example, 3D animation videos, serious games, interactive documentations,… we are specialize in designing e-learning tools for industry and education.

Augmented reality

  • Augmented reality shows its usefulness and help for industrialists. It allows to project virtual elements, in 2D or in 3D, in a real environment: practical or dynamic information, the superimposition of detailed plans on existing structures, videos and tutorials on the procedures for carrying out an operation.
  • You will be able to overlay the plans of equipment and systems on the actual installation and, for example, to indicate that the room is in accordance with the expectations or to locate the place of the new equipment.
  • Numeritrade offers an augmented reality service with interactions that will help you in the training of employees, it is indeed one of the main assets of this technology, the opportunity to train your staff in a controlled and safe environment, preserving the authenticity of the training.
  • For augmented reality, we provide you with a HTC Vive VR headset and its hardware, and we realize the 3D environments that meet your expectations.

Developed in partnership with OREKA experts, these softwares solutions are used for example to analyze industrial processes and experiment with scenarios (installation, maintenance, dismantling, …) or to measure product or stakeholder flows and thus optimize handling or handling times…

This product is also available without the HTC Pack accessory here.

The AR Package contains:

  • 1 HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset
  • The sensors needed for interactions.
  • The tripods
  • A wireless connection accessory
  • A powerful computer (option)
  • Commissioning service with an existing application.