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FOCUS holographic projector

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The FOCUS is a projector that broadcasts a 50 cm hologram. The transparency of its glass pyramid gives you the feeling of being able to grasp the 3D object that appears in front of you. The FOCUS broadcasts a 360 degree hologram. It puts forward your product in many scenographies. Turn around the hologram, you might be surprised.


And if the hologram was part of your innovation project ? We support you in the creation of this captivating object and we guide you in the choice of interactive applications that your customers will be able to handle in real time.

Product Description

Interactive Uses: Live an original experience with smart solutions

You dreamed of contemplating a hologram object, this dream is today a reality. But have you imagined getting in touch with it, being able to manipulate it as you wish? The holographic 3D focus projector goes further in its innovative digital display project. The simple windows are outpaced: you now have the power to interact with these innovative images. Interacting is manipulating, choosing, taking over the digital display. Interactive applications that will come integrate into your environment, your story. Thanks to the holograms created and projected, you can develop an experience of your products for your revolutionary and interactive brand.

The 3D Focus holographic projector offers a high-definition hologram, otherwise known as Spy Pepper’s Ghost. The image is projected in 360 ° suspension: you will have the opportunity to visualize your products, your works as well as your projects from all angles. Each face of the Focus has the ability to display different content to facilitate the exchange with your customers and collaborators.

It’s a mobile and plug & play product that can adapts easily to all your projects. Many interactive uses have already emerged around the FOCUS holographic projector. Taking hold of the hologram has become essential for an ever more fun and attractive experience. Reconstitution of archaeological objects, presentation of products in stores and striking event tool…

Tell us about your project and we will imagine together your interactive experiences of tomorrow.

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