businessman presses interface, high resolution

Designer and solution integrator, NUMERITRADE selects the best numeric equipments :

To developp our own solutions, we have supported or invested in many companies to distribute their products worldwide :
  • DosiCase® : dosimetric detection simulator for radiation awareness training,
  • ARC+ : virtual welding simulator for students and experts without any risk,
  • HOLUSION : high sensibility holographic projector,
  • ITEKUBE : touch screen calculator for industrial uses, … and many others.

All those hardwares have been developed by French, European or canadian companies. From the virtual welding table to the nuclear environment simulator through holographic and calculators, NUMERITRADE distributes tens of brands in Europe, Canada and Brazil soon.

All those products have a manufacturer’s warrenty. Trough  NUMERITRADE, HYLIAD Distribution company remains your sole interlocutor and organizes all services (customization, delivery, installation, maintenance, spare parts, renting,…).

We develop or adapt sofwares using numeric tools :

3D videos, serious games, interactive documents,…

HYLIAD Distribution is particulary specialized in e-learning tools for industry and education. Develloped with OREKA Ingénierie experts, those solutions allow the analysis of industrial processes  and pre-test scenari (installation, maintenance, dismantling,…) or measure flow process of goods or workers and optimize the working times or handling phases to reduce  the muskuloskeletal disorders.

Among our best successes :

  • SIMULHOM : simulation and risk analisys to anticipate MSD,
  • OSIRIS : serious game for training in nucear environment to minimize radioactive doses,
  • 3DGED,
  • COLLISIO, … and many others.